Birth and expansion of a strong pet store brand.

Brand design of Wahre Liebe cat food

Brand development and packaging design of the emotionally positioned dry cat food from MERA.

In 2008, MERA Tiernahrung asked ABERHAM Design to create the branding and packaging for “Wahre Liebe” cat food – an emotionally positioned brand in the premium dry cat food segment.
ABERHAM Design put the given name into play with a logotype whose basis was a voluminous heart symbol, which a “royal” cat uses as a soft pillow-like throne. This branding forms the stylistic center of the brand, in which the MERA red as well as the fresh product colors and its own text established a sought-after product line in pet stores.
The claim “A Healthy Diet That Cats Like” was also developed by ABERHAM to link trade competence with an emotional taste factor.
The initial range was rapidly expanded to more products which were portrayed even more prominently.
Furthermore, “Kleine Liebesgrüße (Small Love Notes)” were developed as adaption articles for the “Snacks” segment.