A real novelty in 1987: A traditional beer without alcohol.

Brand development of Gatz alkoholfrei (alcohol free) (1987)

Conception and design of the brand and the first launch appearance of one of the first traditional alcohol-free beers.

At the end of the 1980s, the Düsseldorf brewery Gatzweiler asked ABERHAM Design to develop their first alcohol-free brand. For this, Ottmar Aberham used the name »Gatz«, the established nickname of the traditional beer brand »Gatzweilers Alt«, in the center of the new brand. The complexion of the mature »Gatzweilers« branding would be reversed so that a light, white label with classic green branding typology would point the positioning in a new direction towards new target groups, i.e. athletic, young people, and of course those who have to drive.

The brand »Gatz« has meanwhile long been a fixture of the main brands and is still available today in the traditional Düsseldorf beer market.