A private label becomes a real brand.

Brand management of SOLO sanitary paper

Conception and continuous development of the brand and packaging design for SOLO.

Since 2003, ABERHAM Design has managed the brand image and packaging design of the SOLO sanitary paper product range. In 13 years, its appearance has been further developed in regular re-design intervals by ABERHAM Design. The slogan »Sanfte Hygiene fürs Leben (Soft Hygiene for Life)«, developed by ABERHAM Design, gave the entire range a prominent message that could be directly communicated to the consumer via the packaging and which was able to verbalize the added value of the brand.

In addition to the printed packaging, the team at ABERHAM Design also conceived and sketched the embossment decoration on the paper. In order to have a unified print quality, ABERHAM Design regularly reviewed the entire centralized repro phase as well as all the first print runs.