A brand,
taken at its word.

Brand relaunch of DAUNASOFT

Conception and design of the re-design of the brand and packaging for DAUNASOFT, a sanitary paper brand.

Between 2012 and 2016, ABERHAM Design reinvented the DAUNASOFT brand image. On the basis of the existing name, the brand DAUNASOFT was literally »taken at its word« and an entirely new lettering for the umbrella brand was developed, using prominent capital letters. These typographical pillars are dedicated to a lively brand image in the form of a duckling that sits on a soft and fluffy feather, and which comprises an important element of the entire branding. The movement of the figure directs itself towards the type and benefit of the different products – it dances by »Swing«, has a flower in its bill by »Nature«, etc.
The range gains a likeable »brand messenger«, which can be communicated to the consumer directly and successfully with the packaging, at the POS, and in all the other media.