Corporate & packaging design of MERA petfood

Corporate design of MERA Tiernahrung

Since 2008, ABERHAM Design has maintained both the company‘s corporate design and also the entire packaging design for the family-owned German petfood company MERA Tiernahrung.

Not long ago, a rather drastic brand strategy was put into practice in order to establish MERA as an all-over umbrella brand for the entire product range.

In this respect, ABERHAM Design developed not only a visibly new trademark for both company and product range but also a new brand message that claims MERA as ”The Petfood Family“.

Under such preconditions, the basic corporate design was rethought as well as the widee range of products that underwent a complete redesign.

The brand’s new spine

The packages of MERA high quality petfood have gained a strong, effective branding that stresses both the company’s name and the new message. The typical, paramount red ”head area“ opens into a large layout in order to stage the various product benefits.

ABERHAM Design developed both the structural layout and the systematical grid as well as the sub-brands and the prevailing imagery (picture shows just a compilation of samples).