A popular brand for an elite tea.

Development & Launch of EMCUR bio Matcha

Conception, brand development, and packaging design for a new convenience tea product.

In 2014, ABERHAM Design developed the branding and packaging appearance, as well as the communication, for the launch of an entirely new product for drugstores: under the umbrella of the established brand EMCUR, bio Matcha Sticks were created as an independent brand for the popular convenience version of matcha – the elite trendy tea. The easy-to-use sticks have just the right amount of the high-quality tea and open fresh perspectives, with little trouble, for the “green” kitchen scene.
Accordingly, the design leaves behind the traditional tea ceremony world and speaks to a young and creative audience.
The design of the branding, packaging, and communication relies on a striking typology of strong green on a dark background that creates an entirely new personality on the tea shelves. Soon, the first product line extension followed with bio Matcha LATTE Sticks. Meanwhile, a range of especially high-quality matcha products beyond the convenient “sticks” have been developed on the basis of the new brand look.