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Emser Pastillen Packaging

ABERHAM conceived of the relaunch in 2015, not simply with the focus on packaging design, but on further development of the EMS umbrella brand. This established trademark has been carefully and substantially reworked and given a new, high-quality distinction that underlines the effectiveness of the products.

Links die alte, rechts die neue Aufmachung seit 2015

On the left the old, on the right the new presentation since 2015

In addition to the updating of the “mineral” image, the typography was also carefully refined and visibly upgraded from its original. A new clear, dynamic mineral image and precise slogan text now flank the EMS umbrella brand. All the typography and illustrations were made to appear more open and fresher by ABERHAM and therefore visibly modernized. Since its redesign, the new range has a more striking visual effect when seen in pharmacies.

Emser Packaging Design


Customer: Formerly Strathos Pharma Group

Assignment: Relaunch of the brand and packaging design EMS / EMSER throat tablets.

Category: Redesign Branding, Umbrella Branding, Packaging Design