Exposé for an exposed large real-estate holding.

Exposé vodafone Campus

Complete concept and design of the exclusive sales brochure for the large real-estate object of the ZECH Group.

At the beginning of 2013, ABERHAM Design was asked by representatives of the ZECH Group to create an exposé brochure that was both extravagant as well as full of facts and figures for the Vodafone campus in Düsseldorf. The brochure was a part of their strategy to offer the monumental office complex to the international real-estate market.

ABERHAM Design created an imposing and high-quality brochure that used real photographs of the building that provides the viewer with a fascinating impression of the property. The resulting effect stems largely from the expert, high-quality photography of Ralph Richter (www.ralphrichter.com), which presented the building as a »space ship« that comes from the future and has just landed.