A sustainable and »sounding« image for the Konzerthaus Berlin.

Icon of Konzerthaus Berlin

Between 2003 and 2012, ABERHAM Design developed the logo as well as the entire corporate and communications designs for Konzerthaus Berlin.

The basis for the long-term cooperation was the logo draft, which Morris Aberham developed in the autumn of 2000 to position Konzerthaus Berlin in the city’s cultural scene in a new and headstrong way.
The abstract and minimalist icon is nothing less than blurred notes on its edges that embody sound as well as stretching and concentration. With the icon, the concert hall, which has been and still is dedicated to the high art of music, achieves a direct link to its original subject.
In the first years, this abstract basis and its blurred form was the theme of an entire pictorial language, which also was dedicated to the visualization and association of multifaceted sounds. Using professional and artistic photographers, these »sound pictures« were produced by ABERHAM Design for every season as a special edition that was inserted into the programs.
Based on this, the team at ABERHAM Design managed the overall appearance and communications media of Konzerthaus Berlin.
The icon from ABERHAM Design is still in use today – only the color has changed.