Pet food with exceptional nutrition.

Brand Design + Slogan + Packaging Design + Corporate Design

Starting in 2016, ABERHAM developed and designed the brand (and brand image) for MERA’s new pet food range MERAVITAL. This product line is available through veterinarians.

In addition to the trademark and slogan “Einfach gesund füttern” (Simply feed healthily), the ABERHAM concept combined the entire style definition and design packaging. To reach this goal, a unique image and color palette was defined. This design clearly differs from the classic MERA product lines.

ABERHAM is also responsible for the image and text design of the brand’s revised key print media.

MERA pet food

Customer: MERA Tiernahrung GmbH

Assignment: Brand and slogan development as well as conception of overall appearance of packaging, design and media prints

Category: Brand Design, Slogan, Packaging Design, Corporate Design