A brand environment shows its true face.

Print communication of Isabelle Lancray, Paris

Style and communications concept for the entire product range of the French cosmetic line.

Together with the brand and packaging relaunch by ABERHAM Design in 2011, all of the communications of the brand (both graphical and text) were also rethought and newly portrayed. »Effect stories« for the individual products were given their own pictorial worlds so that the products’ benefits could be »felt«.
Working together with the photographer Sonia Folkmann (www. soniafolkmann.com), special »key visuals» for the all of the Isabelle Lancray product range were produced between 2011 and 2013; these pictures gave a face to each product and also articulated with its own text its message.
This communication portrays both formally and in terms of color the direct connection of each product with its packaging. This concept appears in all of the brochures and flyers, as well as at congresses and on POS posters.