»Es lebe der Hund« – A claim takes shape.

Print communication of MERADOG care

Conception, text, and design of the print ads and brand brochures of MERADOG care.

ABERHAM Design manages the brand literature and the print campaigns of the MERADOG care brand range. Together with the slogan, “Long Live the Dog”, which was also crafted by ABERHAM Design, a universe was made in the print arena in which dogs get the chance to speak. A lively and authentic pictorial language unfolds that creates a “look” for all media that is close to dogs and focusses on the very close relationship dogs have with people. In doing so, the logo is brought to life and the brand’s promise is kept. At the same time, the MERADOG branding and each packshot creates a prominent and dynamic basis on which a high degree of typology and identity is formed.