A brand image looks after the future of a tradition.

Relaunch of the Ganter Brewery, Freiburg (1995)

Conception and design of a complete brand relaunch of the traditional Freiburg brewery, Ganter.

Ganter, the traditional Freiburg beer brand seemed in the mid-1990s to be somewhat out of date and was not enjoying much acceptance – especially among the important student demographic.
The family which owned the brewery asked ABERHAM Design to do a comprehensive overhaul of the brand and its appearance. With a correspondingly strategic and completely new design direction, Ottmar Aberham and his team concentrated from the beginning on anchoring the brand unmistakably in Freiburg and to portray it as being full of life. The outcome was a sunny, umbrella brand in golden-beige color with a completely new »Freiburg« heraldry that ABERHAM Design would make into both the basis and the core of the design of the entire product range.
The central Ganter brand image and golden-beige basis color that Ottmar Aberham developed in 1995 remains – with the exception of a light focus on the eagle in the coat of arms – in the same typography and architecture today.