Traditional craft beer with a fresh design.

Brand Design + Redesign + Packaging Design

The trademark for the Düsseldorf “Altbier” Original Schlüssel was designed by ABERHAM (by ABERHAM founder Ottmar Aberham) at the tail end of the 1980s.

In 2018, the labeling of the 0.5-liter flip-top bottle was once again given to the original brand designer for an update. The result is a sensitive and streamlined updated version of the text and color details.

The focus of the label and crate is mainly concentrated on the brand image and the traditional craftsmanship of the original product. The updated design shows the high quality and desirability behind the brand.

Subsequently, in 2019, the new 0.33-liter “Steinie” flip-top bottle and crate were designed.

Markengestaltung Original Schlüssel Branding 1980

Birth of the Original Schlüssel brand image, 1989

Original Schlüssel

Customer: Hausbrauerei Zum Schlüssel

Assignment: Redesign of the labeling and crate of the 0.5-liter flip-top bottle and matching design of the labels and crate for the 0.33-liter “Steinie” flip-top bottles

Category: Brand Design, Redesign, Packaging Design