Communication design transcends prejudices.

Campaign for soft PVC

Conception and design of the image campaign for soft PVC in print (ads/posters/promotions)

The material »soft PVC« is seen critically in Europe, especially Germany, because the so-called softener is allegedly a health risk. Institutions such as Greenpeace and magazines such as Öko-Test have been active in their campaigns against this material. For this reason, the plastics industry asked ABERHAM Design to make a positive, explanatory communication.
The communication relied on light, positive pictures, in which the »dangerous« material comes into direct and healthy contact with people. The short and concise headlines always start with PVC prominently in focus. ABERHAM Design uses the claim it created – »How hard would the world be without soft PVC?« – to summarize facts and debunk myths about the material. Altogether, the pictures and texts emphasize how important and irreplaceable this – mostly unjustified – ill-spoken of material is for the modern age.