Extravagant brochure design for an open, large-scale property.

Brochure Design + Slogan/Title + Overall Text Design

In early 2013, ABERHAM was invited by representatives of ZECH to create both an extravagant and technically sound exposé brochure for the then freshly completed vodafone Campus in Düsseldorf. The overall aim of the brochure was to present the property on the international real estate market after the construction phase reached completion.

In the end, the ABERHAM team developed a consciously expansive concept for the text and images. The imposing futuristic architecture played the leading role. The end result was a collaborative effort together with photographer Ralph Richter (www.ralphrichter.com), whose images make the truly monumental building appear somewhat “spaceship-like” in the surrounding setting.

vodafone Campus

Client: ZECH Group SE

Assignment: Concept and overall design of the brochure using text and pictures in collaboration with the photographer Ralph Richter

Category: Brochure Design, Slogan/Title, Overall Text Design

vodafone campus Corporate