Say hello to a new brand!

Brand Design and Packaging Design

For Fripa, the ABERHAM team has recently developed an entirely new brand called œcolife. Having launched œcolife in May 2022, Fripa offers a sustainably positioned range of hygienic paper products with 100% plastic free packaging. All œcolife products are based on environmentally reasonable concepts. The toilet paper range not only offers classical recycling quality but also a variety of chemical free tissue. Beyond that, further sorts use innovative and newly developed alternatives like straw and bamboo which are able to cut down the amount of costumary raw material gained from wood. With an impressive 60% share of straw / bamboo both varieties have already set standards in the current field. All toilet paper products are packed in both sturdy and typical brown paper bags. From this base, the œcolife range unfolds an array of further products like large-scale boxes for smart storage and also attractive tissue boxes. ABERHAM carried out the complete brand design. Starting with the development of the name and branding, the team designed the brand’s entire corporate scheme, including corporate colors, typography and photography and also the packaging of the core range products.
(all photos ©ABERHAM)