ABERHAM transforms graphic design into powerful communication.

Design – Brand Design

For 35 years, ABERHAM Design has been known as a small but solid partner for developing strategically and stylistically sound brand design.
Building on the packaging design expertise of its founder Ottmar Aberham, the company’s excellent feel for style and branding was soon sought out for crafting complex corporate image concepts and umbrella branding projects both nationally and internationally.
Developing original brands is both the foundation and heart of ABERHAM Design.

Design – Brochure Design

Especially in the »Digital Age«, designing brochures for companies and their business segments, activities, and products also counts as one of the supreme disciplines of communication design. In this pursuit, the text, pictures, colors, and typography interact directly and on several levels, thus allowing the positioning and message to be communicated intensively and in a sophisticated manner with classic print media.
ABERHAM Design has a lot of experience and possesses expertise in the creation of and design of brochures showcasing products, companies, and corporate image for a multitude of different markets.

Design – Logo Development

The development of a logo is without a doubt one of the basic disciplines in communication design. This also holds true in today’s world, where anyone can easily develop their own personal »logo«. There are more logos, icons, and labels than ever, but despite this »inflation«, it is still a fact that every really good and skillfully designed logo is concentrated completely and entirely on one theme. Nowhere else is graphic quality and precision so important for waking the right associations.
ABERHAM Design is specialized on this highly concentrated design discipline and possesses a well-honed expertise in the development of logos.

Design – Conception of Pictorial Worlds

In the age of cheap stock photo archives a picture for every subject imaginable can be procured quickly, easily, and cheaply, and thus »instantly« put in use. However, since these stock photos are so readily available to everyone everywhere, it becomes imperative for companies and brands to have original pictorial worlds tailored to lift them over the usual imagery available to the masses. More than ever it is important for an image to capture uniqueness and become fascinating for the viewer, and distinguish it from the »convenient« pictures.
The conception, drafting, and implementation of specific corporate pictorial worlds for products and corporate communications is a strongpoint of ABERHAM Design – one that it has been specialized on for years.

Design – Corporate Design Systems

The term »corporate design« is mostly used for the design of such things as office stationary. However, corporate design is actually a highly professional discipline that ultimately crafts a company’s image. The end result of the complex endeavor through varied design media creates a consequent system which provides the basis for a company to project its image in an understandable and attention-grabbing way.
ABERHAM Design develops corporate design systems for national and international companies of all sizes, and has the necessary expertise in this specialized field.

Design – Text Concepts

The team at ABERHAM Design excels at combining the right words with the right graphics to create communication designs that are understood. Pictures, colors, and forms require text to unleash their full communicative potential in order to accurately portray an event, brand message, or product positioning.
For this reason, ABERHAM Design also offers to develop texts, headline concepts, and slogans, as well as copy, for media such as brochures. The texts are mostly done “in-house” as an integrated part of the design concept.

Design – Packaging Design

Already in the beginning phase of brand design, ABERHAM Design thinks of how the packaging should look like. Especially for the design of packaging for consumer goods, it is essential to be ahead of the curve, but at the same time address the special challenges each POS presents.
ABERHAM Design has been developing ideas and solutions for packaging design for over 35 years for a wide range of market segments and branches, and possesses in this area, in particular, valued expertise. From »stand alone«” products and complex umbrella brands to effectively differentiating types of products, the ABERHAM Design team knows the ins and outs of packaging design from A to Z.

Design – Messages & “Claims”

It is not uncommon that a brand name and brand logo are not enough to effectively »articulate« the positioning of a product or company on the marketplace. Anchoring an original message into the core of brand has therefore proven to be a clear and unmistakable medium for staking out its »claim«.
This is why ABERHAM Design often creates and develops claims and messages in conjunction with brand and corporate design projects.

Design – Ideas for Names

Finding and deciding on an appropriate (and legally possible) name for a brand, product, or even company is a very special and increasingly difficult task. There are a lot of great ideas for names that are unfortunately already in use or blocked. As a result, since a good, solid name is an absolute must for a functioning and successful brand communication, the importance of this skill has grown tremendously.
ABERHAM Design often creates and drafts ideas for names in the framework of brand and corporate design projects for new branded products as well as for companies and conglomerates.

Design – Poster Design

The designing of posters is one of the most important, if not the top, discipline of print communication. A poster must be able to portray its information quickly and prominently in a way that its message is not just recognized by the person passing by, but also properly understood. This requires a designer to summon all of his or her graphical instincts to create a medium that is deserving of being called a »poster«.
ABERHAM Design has a lot of experience and proven expertise in designing posters for advertising products, cultural events, and corporate communication (e.g., at congresses).

Design – Re-Design

ABERHAM Design is a reliable partner and specialist for professional re-design of brands and company image. This usually centers on the strategically sound and evolutionary further development of a product or corporate identity – a very sensitive discipline that requires objective critique and future-oriented design, as well as respect and finesse. The market is full of examples of re-designing gone wrong in which a brand’s »value« was thrown overboard for no other reason than to chase the latest trend.
ABERHAM Design is very experienced in the delicate handling of re-design projects of all kinds – from the evolution of the original logo to updates of brochures and packaging design.