Design is most beautiful when it works »out there«

Function – Precision

In professional communications design, precision begins long before any hands-on work is started – it begins with the first thoughts and ideas about the strategic direction of the design. The subsequent graphic production requires a high degree of technical precision and certainty. It is only after an intricately planned and professionally supervised production phase – whether for print or for the screen – that a high-quality communication, which can be correctly understood, can be realized – and this because every aspect works in harmony.
ABERHAM Design takes care of all its design projects with the all-encompassing and intensive style that it gives to all of its clients: from the initial planning and drafting phases to personally supervising the production phase on the printing presses and programming screens. In doing so, an excellent result can be achieved that gets noticed in its market and has the desired effect.

Function – Forming a Style

When marketing strives for a unique and own style for its brand, and isn’t put off by the effort required for such an endeavor, the potential of professional communication design can be realized. When colors, typography, texts, and especially pictures and icons are designed and used in an original and targeted manner, a unique brand environment and style is formed that rises above the usual standards.
For years, ABERHAM Design has offered this discipline of forming a style and recommends to invest in a unique and unmistakable style for all design measures – from typography to photography. It is only through this that a brand can build long-term “capital”.

Function – Identity

The »design« profession only achieves its primary – if not most important – goal when a company, brand, or product has established a truly unique identity that is both readily recognizable in its market and desired.
ABERHAM Design offers the creation and implementation of “»identity«systems. For more than 35 years, we have been developing strong brand identities for companies and their products, many of which are still finding use decades later.

Function – Acceptance & Desirability

Design only makes sense when it works. »Nice and easy« solutions, which ultimately don’t hold up in their markets, will turn out to be too simple, not interesting, and accordingly worthless.
This is why ABERHAM Design views the success and acceptance of its design work in the respective markets as the main part of the service and commitment it offers to its customers.

Function – Brand Value

Whether it is a company on the global marketplace or a product at its national POS – the more accurately a brand is positioned and represented in its market, the more desirability it will enjoy among its target audience.
The ability to generate, cultivate, and expand this special value is one of the most important targets of professional brand design that ABERHAM Design offers.