We love it when design works.

Wir lieben es, wenn Design funktioniert.

Good communication creates capital.

Communication design begins with the right concept and strategic alignment to the design goal. With a well-prepared and skillfully monitored production phase – whether print or digital – the ABERHAM team always ensures targeted communication in a coherent and organized way.

Our services

For ABERHAM, precision begins with conceptual design and strategic alignment. Our experienced team offers both comprehensive and intensive support for all design projects from the initial conception and image and text selection, right through to supervision of the production phase. This creates striking results that stand out among the competition and are the best possible fit for the customer.

ABERHAM sees that success and acceptance of design work as a fundamental goal. Because good design only makes sense when it works well and when it stands the test of time.

Today, in the advanced age of fakes and private labels, “stylistic branding” is more important than ever. All creative measures in a design system should develop and invest in their own, unmistakable style. Colors, typography, texts, and, above all, images are therefore designed in a unique and targeted manner so that a one-of-a-kind brand is created. In the end, it’s primarily about a style that stands out from the competition and imprints itself on the consciousness of those who see it.

ABERHAM offers conception and implementation of a clearly defined identity. In over 40 years of work, numerous brand identities have been developed for many companies and their various products, maintained in an ever-evolving manner, and shaped strongly enough to still exist today. Generating and expanding this special value is one of the most important branding goals for which ABERHAM stands.