Design is not a piece of art,it’s a profession.

Gestaltung bei ABERHAM

Carefully thought out, executed well.

ABERHAM has been designing brand identities for companies with both an economic and cultural background since 1980. From the very beginning,  our team has developed designs that translate strategic positioning into the right form. What started as a focus on packaging design has, over the last 40 years, become a well of expertise in communication design that creates trust.

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This specialty is – so to speak – the “premier league” in communication design. An established and eye-catching design creates an identity that is memorable to those who see it. ABERHAM develops corporate design strategies for national and international companies and, moreover, has grown in expertise.

The development of strong brands has been a fundamental discipline for us from the start. Brand images from ABERHAM still seem impressively modern and on-point even after many years. We believe this is because a real brand does not need to reinvent itself every few years.

Nowhere does (nor should) communication design have to be as precise and condensed as in the field of logo development. Quite often, black and white are the only options available as design elements in order to concentrate entire corporate worlds, brand ideas, or events in a concise way. Logo design is one of the main focuses at ABERHAM – precisely because of its difficulty.

Since the beginning, the focus at ABERHAM has been on designing brands closely linked to packaging. We design packaging that’s in tune with the times for various industries and market segments. This often happens in the context of complex corporate design projects. Packaging design is therefore an essential discipline within the ABERHAM team.

Brochure design for companies and their business fields, activities, and product lines remains a particularly valuable discipline that must be mastered. The ABERHAM team compiles texts, images, colors and typography in both a direct and multilayered manner. This enables the proper positioning and messaging between classic print and digital formats.

The definition of communication design is rather more complex than it was 20 years ago. That is the reason why all logos, advertisements, imagery, texts, and packaging developed by ABERHAM are always also available digitally. Accordingly, ABERHAM covers all content and implementation of digital strategies in a contemporary way that works closely with experienced specialists who have proven themselves as part of the team.

The combination of words and pictures is practically the definition of communication design. Images, colors and shapes only develop their full communicative potential in interaction with texts in order to present an event or a brand message or to properly position a product/message. ABERHAM develops headline concepts as well as an overall layout for brochures and websites with the understanding that every text is essential to a relevant design concept.

What’s in a name? Everything! A good name or motto is often the “heart” behind how communication design is developed. Many names, however, (or a variation of them) are either already in use today, or blocked somewhere in the world. This means the possibilities for new names in certain market segments are actually narrowing. Against this background, the task of finding a name is becoming simultaneously more difficult and more important. ABERHAM regularly supports its customers from the very beginning in the search for the most fitting names for products, events, and new company departments.

Surprisingly, it turns out that a brand’s name, a logo, or even an event title (by itself) is not always enough to advance “the message.” The task of proper messaging often proves to be creating the right strategies (especially for umbrella brands and companies) to quickly set out the slogan. A company’s slogan is likely to become the core guiding principle behind the entire communication. Over the course of the project, ABERHAM creates numerous slogans and new messaging that underpin the appropriate communication design.

Because of the ever-improving quality of cell phone cameras, professional editing apps, and the flood of images on social platforms, images are ever-present in today’s world. There are online stock archives where excellent pictures of almost anyone and for every conceivable topic can be quickly, easily, and cheaply found. We believe, however, that taking our own pictures makes the difference in terms of creating a striking image. ABERHAM therefore continues to attach great importance to high-quality photography and illustration. Our team consists of passionate art directors and specialists for stylistically oriented, fitting imagery that displays a striking difference to the basic stock images. Anything that cannot be produced in-house is created with the help of experienced and proven photographers and illustrators.

ABERHAM is a dependable partner and a proven specialist for redesigning projects in the following fields: brands, logos, corporate design, brochures, and, of course, packaging design.