Precise strategy defines the boundaries for targeted creativity.

Strategy – Brand Analysis

It is often the case that a briefing alone is not enough to evaluate how a brand stands in relation to its competition. Surveys and market research analyses are often not able to replace an intensive, focused, and professional assessment of the current situation of a brand and its effect in comparison to its competition and in the context of the current trends in its market and society.
Such analyses, for example, are the only ways to figure out that a specific color or a unique typographical style passes well to the properties of a brand, and should therefore be integrated into it with the necessary finesse and respect for the prevailing »zeitgeist«.
ABERHAM Design applies these analyses and the corresponding evaluations for all re-design projects – a method and a principle that has proven successful in countless re-launches.

Strategy – Messages & “Claims”

It is not uncommon that a brand name and brand logo are not enough to effectively »articulate« the positioning of a product or company on the marketplace. Anchoring an original message into the core of brand has therefore proven to be a clear and unmistakable medium for staking out its »claim«.
This is why ABERHAM Design often creates and develops claims and messages in conjunction with brand and corporate design projects.

Strategy – Market and Competition Analysis

Every action taken in marketing has an effect in a specific market environment. In order to create a substantial, durable, and powerful solution for the action to be taken, the brand designer should do an intensive study of the character and rules of the respective market segments, the POS, and how the competition communicates their message.
ABERHAM Design places the utmost importance on these market analyses and therefore offers an analytical examination and evaluation for all brand development and re-design projects.

Strategy – Structuring of Company Divisions

Many companies have several different divisions and sectors, which often lead to diverse corporate images. The numerous »group« or »holding« configurations we see today house a multitude of very different business areas under one »roof«. The systematic structuring and uniform portrayal and communication of these different divisions and sectors is nowadays a major aspect of corporate design.
ABERHAM Design has a lot of experience in the structuring of content as well as the corresponding portrayal of company divisions and sectors in complex, but nonetheless uniform, design systems.

Strategy – Positioning

The correct positioning of a brand or product among its competitors is the basis for selecting all design media. The personal preferences of the designer should never be the deciding factor in this important choice, as it must be oriented 100% on the positioning. This is the only way to obtain a communication design that is absolutely on target and has the desired effect.
One of the core competencies of ABERHAM Design is the crafting of clear and resilient positioning for brands, products, and companies in their markets and among their competitors.

Strategy – Structuring of the Product Line

The structuring of product lines is one of the most important factors involved in creating a design concept for an umbrella brand. This is especially true for packaging design, where clear organization of the subject matter with a well-translated structure has proven to be absolutely necessary for the successful positioning of product line at the POS. Here, pictures and other illustrations are effective in relaying the variety of the product line in a striking and direct way – an important field in professional communications design.
ABERHAM Design offers the structuring of product lines and has experience in a wide variety of segments – from heavy industry to (inter)national food companies.

Strategy – Ideas for Names

Finding and deciding on an appropriate (and legally possible) name for a brand or product, or even a company, is a very special and increasingly difficult task. There are a lot of great ideas for names that are unfortunately already in use or blocked. As a result, since a good, solid name is an absolute must for a functioning and successful brand communication, the importance of this skill has grown tremendously.
ABERHAM Design often creates and realizes ideas for names in the framework of brand and corporate design projects for new brand products as well as for companies and conglomerates.