A precise strategy defines the scope for targeted creativity.

Präzise Strategien definieren

Designing communication through experience and understanding.

Only through decisive positioning can we ensure design solutions that deliver. The ABERHAM team helps its customers to position themselves in a way that develops strategies wich strengthen or change the concept.

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Securing proper positioning of a brand in its segment requires more than statistical surveys and market research. ABERHAM therefore continuously examines the relationship between formal and content-related “ownership” of a brand and the corresponding effect of current market trends in society. Such analyses often reveal that a name, certain color, or an unusual typography are key to a successful redesign. Throughout the design process, these factors are therefore carefully updated accordingly. All ABERHAM redesigns are based on these intensive analyses, which is a method that has repeatedly proven itself with successful relaunches.

Each marketing measure creates an effect in a specific marketing environment. ABERHAM studies the characteristics and the laws of the respective market as well as the communication of the competitors in order to be able to create substantial, resilient, high-performance solutions. This analytical approach to the market is essential. All brand development and redesigns are based on a corresponding analytical procedure for viewing and evaluation.

The correct and relevant positioning of a brand, a product, or almost any communication is the foundation behind all creative means. This is the only way to create objective, targeted communication design that ultimately works as expected. One of the core competencies of the ABERHAM team is our resilience in various markets and competitive environments for companies in business and culture.

What’s in a name? Everything! A good name or motto is often the “heart” behind how communication design is developed. Many names, however (or a variation of them) are either already in use today, or blocked somewhere in the world. This means the possibilities for new names in certain market segments are actually narrowing. Against this background, the task of finding a name is becoming simultaneously more difficult and more important. ABERHAM regularly supports its customers from the very beginning in the search for the most fitting names for products, events, and new company departments.

Surprisingly, it turns out that a brand’s name, a logo, or even an event title (by itself) is not always enough to advance “the message.” The task of proper messaging often proves to be creating the right strategies (especially for umbrella brands and companies) to quickly set out the slogan. A company’s slogan is likely to become the core guiding principle behind the entire communication. Over the course of the project, ABERHAM creates numerous slogans and new messaging that underpin the appropriate communication design.

It’s common now that many companies combine different divisions and products (for example through acquisitions) under one roof. The now numerous “groups” or “holdings” have different business areas that don’t necessarily have a uniform appearance. The systematic structuring of a uniform appearance for such complex relationships is one of the essential tasks for which the ABERHAM team offers years of experience and expertise in the realm of corporate design.

The proper structuring for a product’s range is one of the most important factors for any umbrella brand concept. In the field of packaging design in particular, a solid structure that is well organized in terms of content and consistently shaped in terms of form is necessary to successfully position a range at the POS. ABERHAM draws on over 40 years of experience in the visual transformation of umbrella brand strategies and has likewise gained expertise in structuring product ranges in terms of content and form in all possible segments.